2018 Bentley Taiwan Owners' Tour

2018 Bentley Taiwan Owners' Tour Let's high five!

Bentayga V8 - For Urban Escapes

內蘊百年品牌精神融會的手工細節,無論都會或越野,Bentayga V8的靈活特質,帶領車主隨時出走城市、浪遊天地。 為了讓更多人實際感受其魅力,Bentayga V8於8月初現身熙來攘往的台北信義區。

Continental GT Party

Bentley Continental Party was taken as a kickoff project of Bentley Centenary in Taiwan. The event venue, Kelti Building that is located in the financial district and prime shopping areas in Taipei where easily draw attention and create spectacular images. 15 New GT displayed at its generous open plaza. It is an impactful way to make a branding point and drive not only awareness, but also conversation with media. Bentley took this opportunity to announce that Bentley Centenary is coming up next year.

Bentley Kaohsiung Grand Opening

Bentley Kaohsiung Grand Opening

Taipei Driveaway

Bentley Taipei invited owners to join a one-day driveaway to Yang-Ming Mountain with their own Bentleys.


Bentley is introducing two new versions of its third generation Continental GT and GT Convertible models this year. The definitive luxury Grand Tourer is now available for Taiwan customer order with a powerful V8 petrol engine, ensuring a lively and engaging drive that complements the unparalleled levels of luxury and cutting-edge technology.

BENTLEY 2020 2day1night tour@North-Cross Island Highway

Bentley Taiwan had held the two days travel for Bentley Owners in the early summer 2020, heading the guests to enjoy the warm sunshine and embrace the nature. This trip started from Lala Mountain, the northwest side of Taiwan, to appreciate the painting-like fairyland, and then turned to southeast to Yilan. In the itinerary, customers experienced the awesome time with their loved family and friends.

BENTLEY 2019 Glamping 2day1night tour

Bentley Taiwan had held the two days glamping for Bentley Owners in the late autumn 2019, leading the guests to enjoy the off-road performance of Bentley cars on the mountain roads as well as experience a series of activities close to nature. Away from the hustle and bustle, emphasizing the family fun and relieving stress during downshifting under the starry sky.